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Welcome to Your Writing Table!

So you are ready to write your book! Or, you have started writing and need help with a few things? Or, you are done but you have editing and publishing questions??

As a published author of fiction and non-fiction books, Chelsia and her team are able to provide valuable tools and tips to get you on your literary journey!

Her goal is to provide resources, tips and assistance for your writing projects!

What  We Can Do For You!


  • 1-on-1 consultation

  • Discussion & clarity to narrow down topic/subject



  • We will help you proofread your project of any size

  • Grammatical error-check

  • Topic/subject revision


  • Taking your audio & turning it into text

  • We handle small files to large

  • Contact us for rates! (Will be flat rate or per audio minute depending on the size of the project.)


Preparation for Publishing

  • We can help with composing content

  • Reviewing layout, cover design

  • Website, social media assistance


  • Any size document/article or full novels/books


Contact us for consultation & pricing!

Prices vary based on individual needs &

size of project

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