Pressing to be Positive on purpose!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Do you find yourself getting sucked into negative stuff? Hanging around negative people? Watching negative things on TV? Have you realized how you have begun to FEEL negative? You FEEL like not working on projects or completing tasks and you may not even know why?

PURPOSELY enjoy the moment!!

I encourage you today to shift your thinking! Shift your mindset and see that glass as half FULL (even though it really may be close to empty because you were actually thirsty)! Sometimes we are our own worse enemy with our thoughts. We need to make a choice to be positive on purpose! We have to choose to throw our hands in the air and laugh for no reason or to just celebrate LIFE!

Pressing Forward

What it means to "press": to follow through; laying stress or emphasis on; to seek urgently; to force or push one's way.*

Pressing is something that is intense and INTENTIONAL. We have to press on purpose! We have to choose to follow through and seek something with urgency. Choosing to be positive and changing our thoughts and surroundings has to be done on purpose! How do we choose? How do we make the shift?

* It starts with the MIND- what are you thinking about? Begin to start THINKING positively as often as possible.

* Who is in your friendship circle? Sometimes WHO we are associating with/spending time with can greatly affect the energy that is in your personal space.

*What are you watching on TV or listening to on the radio or playlist? The images we see and words/lyrics we listen to get into our subconscious mind and lingers... hangs around even when we aren't aware!

What are you going to do become positive on purpose?

Would you like encouragement along the way? I would love to connect with you & talk about your path to positive!

*Defintion taken from Merriam Webster Dictionary. Retrieved from: .

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