Hand On the Closet

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Communication can make or break any relationship - friend, romance, working, etc. When we are able to figure out HOW to talk to each other and how to truly LISTEN to what each other is saying, we will be able to really SEE growth within our relationships!

In my new book, Hand On the Closet, we discuss this very thing: COMMUNICATION... I know, it's a dreaded horrible word, right? Who wants to communicate? Better yet, you communicate just fine so you don't need any help.

I used to think the same thing... till my relationships started moving in directions I wasn't expecting or ready for. Talking wasn't just talking and listening was more than hearing words coming from the lips... but it's a serious and for real transition when you talk about "communication."

Learning HOW to communicate is not as hard as it seems!

Our "closets" hold many of our insecurities, fears, and vulnerabilities. When I realized I had a closet and how it was effecting my marriage I was beyond shocked! The closet is our baggage... the stuff we bring from previous relationships and even our childhood. Our closet directly affects how we send and receive our messages when communicating. We think we are saying the right stuff or giving the response we feel is the best... it's actually all WRONG!

Get your copy today! There is hope & healing for your relationship!

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